Friday, April 15, 2005

Plugged by Kender on the Ray-di-o

Kender at Kender's Musings has a late night radio show (which I hope he can tape for the east coasters) that I did a quick call to about the Noticy of Privacy most people ignore when they go to the doctor's office (re: the Rush Limbough situation) and the fact that, some where in the small print is a line that tells you they are obligated to provide your records to law enforcement when requested through due process. Your rights to privacy stop at the government's right to insure a lawful and orderly society. Your right to privacy does have limits and you're told that even if you ignore it. Just remember that the next time you go to the doctor for a test.

If you're coming here from his plug, please feel free to scan the archives for my "elucidating" commentary on politics, society and scintillating stories about being a single woman in the roaring nineties and remaining so in the 21st century.

If you just want to peek into the wild life, start in the November Archives and around Thanksgiving and read the "Why Am I Single?" series (21 posts; don't be scared, it's better than watching day time TV) or read April for the Beverly Hillbilly Biker's series.


And, thanks Kender, I'll be stopping by your show as often I can (force myself to stay awake on a week night).


John of Argghhh! said...

Kewl! I've never scored a radio show!

Or an Instalanche, for that matter.

Keep givin' 'em good stuff, they'll keep coming back!

Barb said...

Excellent! Get them to read the poetry on the air as well, next time ;-)

Kat said...

Hey All!...I think it picked up one or two additional clickers.

I think I'll call in often and pester him. He was surprised to hear from me. But, I think he was also trying to get some lefty bomb throwers on so he could go to town on them.

Need to advertise the show some on some of the more explosive sites. Stir controversy.

Masked Menace© said...

Kewl :-)

Congratulations Kat. It's always nice to see good things happening to the Castle Denizens.

Kat said...

It was nice of kender to plug. I just saw it as a cool opportunity to say something useful on the internet air.

Punctilious said...

Way Cool!

Kender said...

That wasn't a plug, it was a heartfelt exhortation for people to come here and read.

Your "Why am I single?" series should be published and you should so be a best selling author.

In a few days, (hopefully) the station will have an archive page for the the meantime I will talk to "Engineering", (my pet name for the programmers) and see if I can get a copy for you to have.

You so effin rock.

It was MY honor to talk to YOU!!!

Thanks for the link.

And no the moonbats won't call. They are on some kind of boycott I think...actually I think they are really not capable of dealing with a verbal Kender, and they know it...they lose the advantage of time to compose their thoughts and find the "facts".

I have blatently told them they are yella'.

Boquisucio said...

Congrats K-MO!!! Good to know that not only your sharp comments not only grace the Blog World but also is now tapping on the airways too.

Way to go!!!