Sunday, August 08, 2004

Do I know What I'm Talking About?

When I am researching and writing many of the treatise I place here, I can't help but wonder if I am completely off in left field sometimes or if something I'm writing, some theory, is shared by others. Today, I received some validation of a recent entry by me Allahu Akbar, Ghost Dances and Magic Bullets, Part III section titled, "Globalization and Western Strategies". In which, I compared Native American Indian tactics to the current enemy. One of the discussion points was political entities and making themselves legitimate:

the natives were slow to recognize that their only defense would be to adopt a political persona of their own and integrate within the existing political structure. It is only through this adoption that the tribes were able to gain some foothold and assert their own desires for land, culture and political sovereignty. The top echelon of the current enemy understands this very well and is attempting to develop it's own political entity within the failing states of the middle east. If they achieve this political persona, they will be, in a real sense, protected from further encroachment by borders, finance, military capabilities and recognition of world nation states.

I continued to talk about the dangers of allowing this group to gain this political persona as well as several other points I've made about Pan-Islamic/Arab Country similar to the Ottoman Empire, hostility to the US, ability to destroy world economies, etc.

Today, I came across an article written Aug 7, 2004 "Bob Killebrew is a retired Army infantry colonel who writes and speaks frequently on defense and national security issues" in the Dodge Globe (as in Dodge City, KS) who makes the same statement:

Following the historical pattern of terrorist movements everywhere -- from Russia's Bolsheviks to the Irish Republican Army to Palestine's Hamas -- we can expect that within a decade al-Qaida will open one, or possibly several, political fronts in predominantly Islamic states, transforming itself from a deadly but diffuse terrorist movement into implacably hostile governmental factions throughout the Middle East that will pose critical geostrategic challenges to America and our allies. (...)

Although today's terrorists are an indisputable menace, they do not yet threaten global peace or our survival. But the political transformation of al-Qaida into a radical pan-Islamic movement would divide the world between the progressive West and a number of belligerent, deeply reactionary, nuclear-armed states, and raise the possibility of far more serious conflict.

Read this entire article here.

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Pat in NC said...

Kat, you know you would not be happy in the left field. The right has a much better field with brighter people who recognize the danger of allowing Al Q to establish a foothold. I did not realize that Kerry is so stupid he would give Iran more materials for a worthless treaty. He just doesn't get it.

Tammi said...

Yeah, I'd bet the house on the fact that you know what you're talking about. Your's in the one blog I cannot just "pop" into. I have to leave myself time to read and digest and think. You put so much research into your posts. I'm most impressed. Unfortunetly, that means on those busy days I can only check to make sure you're alright (IOW, posted something) than make time later to come back and read.

Kat said...'re right. I actually almost always played right field. LOL

Seriously, when I read those comments from James Rubin about trying to make the same deal with Iran that clinton did with NK, I almost fell over. It's almost like the recurring rise of communism or socialist states. People are constantly trying to reconstitute them, thinking that it was done all wrong the last time and they can improve.

I see that same attitude in Kerry's plans for Iran. Some how he thinks he can control the situation better. I don't see that as particularly positive. Almost willfully blind to the type of people they are. Or maybe naive. Like he is thinking that we villainize that government too much, like we villainized the North Viet Namese. He completely ignores the facts about brutal put downs of their populace and interference in Iraq and supporting certain elements of Al Qaeda. He thinks those or either lies or exagerrated. That's what he believed about Viet Nam. Like, total denial.

You can read my new treatise on the subject. I am working on part II and part III will be his current campaign.

Kat said...

Thanks Tammi..I do put a lot of work into it. I hate to just lay something off the cuff, trying to convince someone of something. It goes against the grain and my training at work as an analyst to say something without backing it up. I realize this makes my blog a bit of a "weekend read", but I'm glad that it makes some sort of sense when I get done.