Thursday, August 05, 2004

This Just In - CB Gives Us the Low Down On Mosul Action

CB over at My War gives us the low down on the Mosul action that is all over the news:

CNN-Mosul clashes leave 12 dead
Clashes between police and insurgents in the northern city of Mosul left 12 Iraqis dead and 26 wounded, hospital and police sources said Wednesday.
Rifle and rocket-propelled grenade fire as well as explosions were heard in the streets of the city.

According to CB, this was some serious shit:

I was in my room reading a book (Thin Red Line) when the mortars started coming down. Usually when we get mortared it'll only one, maybe two mortars. But this mortar attack went on for almost 20 minutes. Each one impacting the FOB every couple minutes. Something was up. My roommate ripped open the door and yelled "Get your guys, Go to the motor pool! The whole BATTALION is rolling out!" Holy shit, the whole Battalion? This must be big. So I ran over and woke my guys up, yelled, "Get your fuckin shit on and head down to the motor pool! Time: Now!" I grabbed my shit and started running to the motor pool, hearing small arms fire off in the back ground.
A serious gun battle ensues.

At one point, their Iraqi interpreter yells out:

"Give me gun, I want to kill these motherfuckers!"

CB nearly takes one:

a man, dressed in all black, jumped out from the side corner of a building, pointed his AK47 right at me. Right at my fucking head and all I saw was the fire from his muzzle flash leaving the end of his barrel as he was shooting at me. I heard and felt the bullets whiz literally inches from my head

His Sgt gets saved by the magic of Kevlar:

looked over and my PLT Sgt who was sticking out the hatch next to me a couple seconds ago was now dropped down from the hatch and now on his back. He was yelling, "I'm Hit! I'm hit!" I looked at his helmet and a bullet went right through his helmet and exited through the other side. Holy shit! I didn't see any blood on him. He looked completely dazed though.

All hell is breaking loose and CB puts the gun on the enemy:

I saw another guy come out of that corner with an RPG in his hands. I freaked the fuck out and yelled "RRRPPPPGGGGGGG!!!" My hands was shaking like crazy, my cross hairs were bouncing all over the screen. I gathered my composure as fast as I could, put the cross hairs on them and engaged them with a good 10 second burst of some 50 cal, right at them. Get Some.
More shit happens. You need to go see. At the end of the day, CB puts this note out:

dont think CNN's report of only 12 dead is accurate.
Severely Wounded:

A commentor on the board adds this note:

Please keep in your prayers a fine young Army officer named Damon Armeni. His mom is in my online support group for families of injured Marine recruits. Both Damon and his Marine brother Bryce are in Iraq. Sharon wrote us this morning to tell us that Damon was one of the casualties in the fighting in Mosul yesterday. His vehicle was hit by an RPG and he received severe injuries to his chest and intestines. He had several ribs removed at the field hospital and they are evacuating him to Germany to do more surgeries. He is in critical but stable condition. Sharon and the young man's wife are being flown to Germany to be with him. Needless to say she is extremely upset after getting the second worse phone call you can get from the military. Keep them in your prayers....

And I will.

Dear Lord, please give them strength to see this through. Keep your hand on this young man who has sacrificed so much for his brothers. Give comfort to his mother and young wife. Show them your mercy and compassion in their hour of need. Amen


~Jen~ said...

Loved your comments today on CB's post about Al Qaeda!!!
Brilliantly said.

Kat said...

Thanks Jen...

I am seriously thinking this is like a ground preparation. We have never liked to confront the enemy in a head on, straight line attack formation. Proven operations are Pensor moves with potential for flanking the enemy in break out ops.

In regards to telling the world that iran had Al-Qaida in it, I am damn sure that if it came out, the Dems would be screaming "liar" and "war mongerer" or something like that.

G*d forbid some other country is harboring the little bastards and we can't easilyt prove it. We'll have to have a contract signed in blood that says, "Mullahs expressly give their permission for Al-Qaida to cross the border" before anyone believes these cockroaches know what's going on.