Sunday, June 06, 2004

Opposition to Islamic Fascism

You cannot oppose these ideas with flowers, with an olive branch, with words of peace. History has proven that you cannot appease these people, you cannot treat with them for peace. You cannot try to change their ideas with speech.

As much as they believe in their idea, deeply and without reservation, we must believe just as strongly that the only way to oppose this "evil" ideology is the spread of freedom and prosperity through out that region. That we must achieve this freedom at whatever cost, lest it means our freedom, our way of life be destroyed.

It is obvious from the last 30 years, that we cannot change the political structure of this region, create freedom and prosperity, by whispering in dictators ears that their people should be free (diplomacy). We cannot continue to hand money to these regimes in hopes that the influx of capitalist capital will inspire an economic revolution that will translate to a bloodless revolution to democracy, freedom, hope and prosperity.

These things, these hopes are not transparent to the people in these countries. To them, it appears only that we "prop up" dictators and assist in their oppression. The ever widening spread of the Islamist ideology tells us that we do not have time to wait for these "peaceful" policies to change the world in which this idea has taken root. The very slowness of this policy gives the enemy the time needed to spread their word and consolidate their base of operations.

That is the danger of returning to our old policies. The policies that many European nations and Democratic leaders in the US would like us to continue.

Bush's policy is a radical change from "business as usual". This policy recognizes that the future depends on making changes now before it is too late to stop the tide.

The first change is to insure that no dictator in that region will willingly join forces with these people in the purpose of destroying the US or any other free society. That they will not give succor, economic or material support. Whether that is money or actual weapons of mass destruction, those dictators must be the first to go.

The second change is to replace this ideology based on despair, poverty and hopelessness with an ideology of freedom, prosperity and hope.

That is the reason for war in Iraq and why the success of freedom for the Iraqi people is important in the war to defeat this ideology. Iraq must be, as Ronald Reagan once said, "the shining city on the hill" for the middle east. The hope is that people in this region will see this shining example of freedom and want that more than they want oppression, death or destruction.


Jason -- USA said...

hey kat nice blog your doing...

i thought i'd leave some thoughts i've been thinking recently.

i assume you believe in God and a higher power. well i just finished watching an interview with Nancy Reagan on Larry King Live. and the MORE i read about and hear about Ronald Reagan...the more i believe that the guy upstairs is keeping an eye out for Reagan and the country he so loved.

i mean what i'm getting at is that SO MANY times Reagan seemed to have "perfect timing"...i see it more of God's blessings. some examples:

Nancy mentioned in the interview that during the inauguration of Reagan as Governor of California and President...the clouds seemed to clear up in the sky and the sun shown through.

Reagan survived his assassination attempt after a bullet bounced off a door and was an inch from his heart.

The U.S. economy rebounded EXTREMELY well during the 80's bringing back hope and optimism to the people.

Jason -- USA said...

and even in death...his timing seemed to be there again!

The weather was sunny and hot when Reagan's body was brought down Constitution Avenue and up the Capital's steps.

It stayed warm and sunny the entire time his body was lying in state in the Capital and the tens of thousands that came to see him.

The day of his funeral...the hot June weather suddenly turned into a cool gray day with mist in the air.

A news commentator brought up the fact that the skies looked like heavy rain the entire time Reagan's body was being brought out of the capital and it didn't start raining hard until his body entered the hearse to carry him to the National Cathedral.

The rest of the day Washington D.C. was under dark clouds...but without heavy rain or storms...just mist.

His burial in California with the perfect sunset.

And the fact that this week of mourning in California and D.C. went off without a hitch with the thousands of dignataries, foreign leaders, people, that all came to see him off.

The fact that this funeral has brought the pride and optimism the country felt in the 80's...after months of what seemed like turmoil in Iraq, the Abu Ghraib tortures, and what seemed like a bleak future for the world.

Kat said...

Jason-USA...sorry for taking so long in posting. Just spent a week....well you can read the newest post if you must. Thankyou very much for posting comments here. While the blog is largely for the benefit of me letting off steam, I don't mind sharing some views. :)

Anyway, yes, I believe in God. Some people like to believe everything is part of His/Her big plan. I don't subscribe to that theory. More like God is a conductor and starts the train on it's way, where it ends, nobody knows. It's up to the engineer (us) to figure out. And when we get to the end, he/she is waiting for us at the grand train station in the sky (or waiving us to continue down hill to the "death valley" station).

I find it a little scary to think this is all "God's Plan". :)

But in terms of Reagan, I found his death timely in several ways.

1) It shut the nay sayers up for a few minutes. They weren't sure what to do. I mean, there were a few amoebe's who opened there mouths, but it is just de classe to insult a 93 year old alzheimer's victim. Not to mention he was very popular with the citizens.

2) You have to admit, it reminded Americans (for at least a week) that we should be unified and proud of our country. That won't last long, but you know, it is a hopeful thought.

3) was beautiful to have that "sunset" service to end his "long journey into the sunset". Just like he said so many years ago. Can't go wrong with that!