Sunday, August 01, 2004

Warning - This Site is Under Construction

Hey! Don't go anywhere! You're at the right site. I'm just making it look nice and, hopefully, easier to read. Plenty to read while I'm fixing the code, so enjoy.

  • Kat-Missouri


~Jen~ said...

ooooo!!!! I love your "skin"/background. I've never seen this one before. Very nice. :)

ALa said...

Kat-The site looks great! I have added you to my list of 'vital blogs'--hope you don't mind!
Have a great day!

Tammi said...

Yep, the new place looks wonderful. I'm so glad I'm back and have a bit of time to catch up on your stuff!! :-)

~Jen~ said...

I added you to my links today. :)))

Kat said...

thanks ladies for adding me to your blogroll. I'll be hooking you all up as soon as I get my "Other Interests" button fixed.

Glad you like the skin. I actually took the base blogspot template and played with the code. Found the skin and things at another site which I plan to advertise here shortly. I'm an extreme amatuer but I can read manuals and put stuff together pretty well. One thing I learned, save, save, save in between each change. LOL