Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Letter Writing Campaign For the Troops

Well, I know most of you who drop by this blog, support the troops. Some of you, I understand, personally send care packages and other items at your own expense. Today, I ask those who have not taken the opportunity to personally support the troops, to do so now, by adding a letter of support in the comment section. And, if you already support some troops personally, I say, God bless you and you are welcome to add a letter here or go visit our friend at SlagleRock who started this campaign. He will be collecting the letters and a friend of his, en-route to Iraq, will deliver the letters personally.

Below is my personal letter to the men and women who serve our country so diligently in this time of need:

Dear Brothers And Sisters,

You don't know me, but every night, I say a prayer for you. Every day I watch the news for just one glimpse of your face. Every night, I go to the internet to learn of your latest exploits. When I see your bravery, it makes me proud. When I hear of your courage, it gives me courage. When I see your sorrow, I am saddened and when you show your resolve, I am strengthened. When you deploy, I pray for your safety and for the comfort of your family. When you return, I rejoice.

My words can only express half the measure of my feelings for you. You lift me up before you as no other has done before.

I am but a civilian here in the far away place you call home and know that I can never share even one tenth of your experiences. So, today, I give what little I can by expressing my love and gratitude for your service on my behalf. I know that I enjoy the comfort and safety of my home tonight due to your sacrifice.

As you stand for me, I will stand for you, always.

Your Sister,

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