Sunday, August 08, 2004

My Youngest Brother - Moron (Update)

Yep! You got it. I have now dropped the "F" word from his title. After two weeks of incommunicado after the last blow up, my youngest brother called me. He was watching the news. Seems he caught a segment about possible Al-Qaeda crossing the borders from Iran into Iraq.

He asked me if I had seen this segment. I told him, yes, I had. He said to me, "see, I told you Iran was involved." Uhhh? I didn't recall that part of the conversation exactly. He said, yeah, that's what we were arguing about. I reminded him that our argument was largely about his belief that Isreal was involved. He said, "Did I say that?"

I wish I could blame this on too many drugs in his youth, or drinking, or something. But, I know for a fact he has never been one to do either.

I told him he had said that and he back pedaled considerably. Said he meant to say "Iran." I'm like, "Dude, there is a whole hell of a lot of difference between "Iran" and "Isreal."" He said something like, ""Iran", "Isreal", they both start with an "I"."

Ok...he just moved from a "F'ng Moron" to just plain moron, but at least I will not have to beat him senseless before the election.

However, this is why we cannot let his kind get in charge of foreign policy somehow. We'd be announcing war against our allies, loudly and proudly, because some folks don't have a clue what country is what and what the major difference is and why you just don't press the button willy nilly.

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