Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reality Road Check: From A Soldier

"I Know Why I'm Here

From a soldier in Iraq:

From a soldier.

I know why I'm here, and so do all the troops around me.

We were attacked, and within a few minutes we lost 3,000 civilians.

We were attacked by terrorists whose breeding ground is the Middle East. We did not overreact or react disproportionately. We reacted precisely, with all our diplomatic, economic, and military might and struck right at the heart of those breeding grounds. It really doesn't matter which country, who had WMD, or who had oil reserves; those are only a means to an end. We went for the heart.

In only a few weeks we toppled two countries. That shocked the world. We toppled several others through rigid diplomacy you may not be aware of including Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and many others. So in three years we lost 1,000 soldiers (all volunteers) vs. 3,000 civilians in only minutes. We haven't been attacked since. We are winning, and will continue to win, but only with your support.

Stop a moment and look around're safe.

I know why I'm here.

From a soldier.

Re-Education For The Reality Impaired
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