Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reality Road Check-Kerry/Edwards:

The Rich Get Tax Breaks While Soldiers In Iraq Pay

I'm a bit of a military blog junky. As I was checking out my list of favorites, I stumbled across a little Road Check on the Reality Tour by Citizen Frank currently stationed in Iraq.

He calls Edwards out on another debate point that I, having no experience in a combat zone or military, would have no idea about.

I found a huge error in John Edwards facts. The blogosphere is great for doing this and I am glad to finally find one. John Edwards said in the debate:

"a millionaire sitting by their swimming pool, collecting their statements to see how much money they're making, make their money from dividends, pays a lower tax rate than the men and women who are receiving paychecks for serving on the ground in Iraq."

Big OOPS...soldiers, being one I know this, PAY NO TAXES while serving in Iraq. So our tax rate on money we earn from paychecks here is ZERO.

Kinda of scary someone who wants to be Commander-in-Chief doesn't know that.

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