Monday, October 11, 2004

Reality Road Check: Australians Tell Mark Latham To Go "Walk About"

The Australians told their looney left to take a walkabout in their recent elections. Let that be a reality check for the Kerry campaign. You will soon be taking your own "walkabout". Posted by Hello

Watch Howard accept his fourth term as Prime Minister here

This nation stands on the threshold of a new era of great achievement. This is a proud nation, a confident nation, a cohesive nation, a united nation...a nation that can achieve anything it wants when it sets it's mind to it. And no Australian should ever shrink from a passionate belief of the ability of this nation....Not only to provide for Australians here on the be To be a beacon of democracy, of tolerance and of hope and achievement all around the world... We are a nation that is respected around the world because we stand up for what we believe in.

Stay tuned for a repeat on November 2.

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