Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reality Road Check - Iraq:

Sarmad Tells The Terrorists

Damn The Torpedos! Full Speed Ahead

If you don't make the rounds of the Iraqi bloggers much, I suggest that you make it your new mission in life. If there isn't a more glaring Reality Road Check than this war in Iraq, I haven't seen one yet.

Sarmad Zangna is one hell of a guy. He's been ragging on the Muj for months now. Almost a month ago, he dropped off the blogging wagon. He had posted that he had a new job and it might be sometime before he could do it regularly again. Then, out of the blue on Monday, Oct 4, he posted a message saying he had trouble:

Hi every one….
Hope every one is good,and I thank all the peoples who were concern on me ,and asking all the time .
Thank you all ,and forgive me ,for not posting or answering any one email ,I was through very difficult situation ,and the was so many troubles I been through . I got many threats , if I keep writing they will kill me and my family . it seems that things still for some people is same they use to be . time stopped for them ,and they cant under stand the time is rolling ,and things will never be like it be .

but because this thing was not related only to me ,but was related with other persons ,and those was my family members ,I preferred not to take things ,in away that heart any one ,and deal with the whole issue ,as a serious thing ,and this was not an easy job . I hope I did the right thing ,and I am sorry again .
But this thing was bigger than I can afford .

I hope things will be better for Iraq and Iraqis and the whole world .

I was shocked to say the least. Very saddened for this outspoken guy who was so damn excited about being free and getting a new job and learning new things.

But then, out of the blue, Sarmad gives the Terrorist Bastards his own version of a Reality Road Check:

Yes, damn you, you sick pathetic people -- if you deserve to be called people -- damn you pieces of shit, damn you for what you are doing.What are you trying to do? Killing and killing and murdering and kidnapping destroys families' lives, killing children, and for what? I'll tell you for what: just because and simply that you are sick people.Damn you, what have you done for humanity?What you did for us, for Iraqis, you killed more of us than the war did; and what did you win? Nothing, because you are always losers, and losers and you will stay; losers, you were born to be losers, with thick minds, caring for nothing, never accepting anything

All I got to say is "Holy Shit!" They have severely pissed this man off. I'm just hoping it didn't have anything to do with his family. Whatever it was, he tells them who the future belongs to:

Iraq is our, Iraq is my, country; Iraq is mine, I will never leave it, we will never give up, we will stand against you, we will do anything we can, we will build, we will learn, we will live, we will dream .This is what we will do .

Maybe he provides the answer to his anger here:

I know what you want to do instead:- you want to kill, and kidnap, and make our lives miserable, and to take our lovers.

I hope nothing happened, but this guy is now determined like no other:

But we will never, ever, let you to do that, we will stand against you, with all that we've got, and with all of our good friends who will stand to help us.We will be the spotlight on your dark life and darkness, we will be the knife in your heart, if you have one; we will be the loud voice of reason and thought, we will win, you will lose, because you are losers

Yep! He called it. A bunch of serial killing losers, too pathetic by far.

Then he gives them the finger and says, "Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!":

I will write and write and work and do, I am a new man, I am no longer a slave, I am a true human. That’s what I learned lately, and I will stay this way, [I] am going nowhere, I am here forever, I am here for my country, for my people, for my children's hope, and their right to live and hope.

And in his best Todd Beamer, he gives us the Iraqi version of "Let's Roll":

I am here:- come and get me, I am not afraid of you, if I go there are thousands, millions like me, and more.

And he delivers a message to his people:

My people, keep on doing good work, you are, all together, the hope of this new land, the land of freedom and free people and peace. You are the hope of the next generations, you are the future, the future which we never dreamed of, keep on, hand in hand, we will defeat those lose

I've got a few things to say before I tell you to get the hell off my blog and go give Sarmad some support....

Remember his words:

I am a new man, I am no longer a slave, I am a true human...>[I] am going nowhere, I am here forever

I will tell you some truths:

I never knew hate ...until September 11
I never knew love ...until September 11
I never knew grief ..until September 12
I never knew joy ....until September 12
I never knew pride ..until September 14

I never knew what freedom meant until I read the Iraqi bloggers.

In the words of my friend Sarmad and his many iraqi commrades on the blogs:

Aish Al Iraq! Aish al America! Long live Iraq! Long live America!

Now, get the hell off my blog and go give Sarmad your support.

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