Saturday, October 09, 2004

Reality Road Check: Iraqi Child To President Bush "Abu Kerer"

He Stood Against Evil

Again, strolling the blogosphere from some of my favorite military blogs, I came across a post from News From Baghdad. In it, an Iraqi child wrote a letter to President Bush to thank him for standing up and rescuing the Iraqi people even though other people stood against him.

She calls President Bush "Abu Kerer" (he stood against the evil and destroyed it):

She gives the detractors of this war, those that claim it was the wrong war at the wrong time, a Reality Check.

From Shahd, the Iraqi child to the American President

In the name of God,

To our great friend, President Mr. Bush, from an Iraqi child. I saw the light for the first time in my life on the night of April 9th 2003. At first I send my regards to our great friends the U.S. people. By God’s justice, he chose a man who believed in his God to stand with the poor weak people all over the world to help them survive the evil hands who are devils and rescue them from the suffering that they lived all these long years. God chose your brave President George Bush because he has strong conviction and to accomplish this impossible mission and your President accepted this job and persisted to on go to do this difficult mission to help the Iraqi people survive the evil souls. There were a lot who stood against his help for the Iraqis but he didn’t care about the bad people who refused his human work. It’s a present from God, he gave to us by this man, so that is why we have a new name for your brave President, we call him Abu Kerar, which means he stood against the evil and destroyed it. God bless him and bless you all because you stood and were so patient to do this job that God gave or ordered you to do.

And she goes on to say...

All that he has done for us and the heroic job and God bless his job, for history will speak of what he has done in the golden pages of this country. For all the United States people we are the Iraqi children who are praying to God to keep you in peace and keep you from evil and wish for you long and happy life.

The darkness is gone and the sun raised again...

Mr. President, most of the Iraqis have a big respect and appreciate your noble help by helping us survive the evil and the black cloud which had no mercy at all. He (Saddam) is a criminal of the first class. He was a monster, and worse than a monster. He was so cruel to us. Mr. President, what you did for us is not something normal because it is the kind of good help that we never saw or heard about for a long time. Because of you, the darkness is gone and the sun raised again

And she wants to meet the president...

At last, Mr. President, I will be the first Iraqi child who meets you again with my sister when you come to visit us in Iraq and I will try my best to do it and if we have the chance to visit your country which is now our country also I will ask from our Ambassador in the States to take me to you to thank you and tell you that all the Iraqi children love you so much. Also all my mothers, fathers and brothers and I am sure they have all the same feelings as me.

Live to help the human race survive and thank you, your friend the Iraqi child.

Go on over to News From Baghdad and read the whole letter. You won't be disappointed. The Sgt says he forwarded the letter to the President as well as several news agencies in hopes somebody will tell the world. We can but hope, though I wouldn't hold my breath. It's up to us to spread the word.

Wrong war? Wrong place? Wrong time?

Freedom is never wrong.

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