Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reality Road Check: Are You Going To Pull That Out Of Your Ass?

  • Mr. Kerry, you said that you have a plan to provide healthcare for ALL Americans. You say you have a plan to increase prescription coverage for ALL senior citizens.
  • You say you have a plan to increase our military by 40k troops. In particular, special forces which cost nearly $1 million per soldier to train.
  • You say you have a plan to increase funding for education by 50%
  • You say you have a plan to double the funding for AIDS programs around the globe and particularly in Africa
  • You say you have a plan to get more allies to assist in Iraq.
  • You say you have a plan to insure Iran doesn't develop nuclear weapons.
  • You say you can convince North Korea to freeze it's nucleaer weapons programs.
  • We know that your proposed tax increase on the wealthiest 1% is only going to pay for 25% of your plans

  • You say you have a lot of plans, but I have just one question for you Senator:

    How are you going to do it?

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    Are you going to pull it out of your ass?

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Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

He is quite obviously going to bite it out of the taxpayers' asses, that's you and me. He'll drop that mythical $200K floor for tax increases, down to, oh... ZERO. And then draft us. And what burns me up (ALREADY) is that the Socialist Monkey press and the alphabet idiocy networks will just keep SUPPORTING his ass. Ughhhhh. I need to go kickbox a bag or something.