Friday, July 23, 2004

What Freud Thinks About Me

Well...after all these really deep thinking posts, I think it's time for a little fun.  I found a Freudian personality test on line and decided to take it.  Very interesting results, which I will post here.  I made a comment on a previous post about an IQ where I said I hate to be labeled.  Well...maybe I lied.  LOL

Actually, these tests are at least humorous and we need a little humor right now. 

Freudian Inventory Results
Genital (80%) you appear to have a progressive and constructive outlook on life.
Latency (40%) you appear to have a good balance of knowledge seeking and practicality.
Phallic (50%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Anal (46%) you appear to have a good balance of self control and spontaneity.
Oral (33%) you appear to be stubbornly and irrationally against receiving help even when it might be the more intelligent option.
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That last one...where it says I am stubbornly, sometimes irrationally against receiving help...How the hell did he know? LOL I think this guy was talking to my Father. My Father told me this same thing last week. Of course, then he got on his favorite topic of, "this is why you haven't found a nice guy and gottne married and had 2.5 children", etc, etc, etc. Notice he didn't say anything about the dog. I already have one of those.

Some other things it says...

Freuds theorized that there are 5 stages of psychological development. At the oral stage the main issue is dependency, at the anal stage the main issue is self control, at the phallic stage the main issue is sexual identity, at the latency stage it's skill development, and at the genital stage its creativity and productivity.

Freud theorized that psychological problems are related to problems during one or more of these stages. For example, being too cared for or too neglected causes someone to be orally fixated, too much or too little control causes someone to be anally fixated, insufficient parental role modeling causes phallic fixation.

An orally fixated person is either irrationally dependent (expects what they want to just appear) or irrationally independent (always refuses help).

An anally fixated person is either irrationally self controlled and servile to authority or has no self control and is compulsively defiant of authority.

A phallicly fixated person is either a sexual compulsive (sexually innappropriate/promiscuous) or sexually repressed.

Freud did not classify any latent fixation but I think it is as plausible as those at the other stages. I speculate that people that like to learn and acquire knowledge without any purpose or people that are compulsively non curious represent both dysfunctional ends of the latency spectrum.

The genital stage is the final Freudian developmental stage and according to Freud people don't all succeed at this. Freud believed the ideal for human happiness is to be happy in love and work, problems in one or the other cause unhappiness.

Like any personality system, Freud's developmental levels are just a theory, so, be speculative about your results.

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