Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Only Democrat I Would Have Voted For

In an article dated July 31, 2004, the only Democrat who still represents my party and I would have voted for, echoes my sentiments exactly:

See Y'All in New York
Why I skipped the Boston convention.

Saturday, July 31, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT

Twelve years ago, I delivered one of the keynote addresses on the first night at the Democratic National Convention in New York. It was a stinging rebuke of the administration of George H.W. Bush and a ringing endorsement of Bill Clinton. This summer I'll again be speaking in New York, but it will be to the Republican Convention that renominates George W. Bush.

Many have asked how I could have come so far in just over a decade. Frankly, I don't think I've changed much at all. At 72, I don't feel much need to change my opinions. Instead, the reason I didn't attend the Democratic Convention in Boston is that I barely recognize my party anymore. Most of its leaders--including our nominee, John Kerry--don't hold the same beliefs that have motivated my career in public service.(...)(emphasis mine)

No longer the party of hope, today's Democratic Party has become Mr. Kerry's many mansions of cynicism and skepticism. As our economy continues to get better and businesses add jobs, Mr. Kerry's going around America trying to convince people that the roof is about to cave in. He talks about "the misery index" and the Depression. What does he know about either?(...)

Worst of all, Sens. Kerry and Edwards have not kept faith with the men and women who are fighting the war on terror--most of whom come from small towns and middle-class families all over America. While Mr. Bush has stood by our troops every step of the way, Messrs. Kerry and Edwards voted to send our troops to war and then voted against the money to give them supplies and equipment--not to mention better benefits for their families. And recently Mr. Kerry even said he's proud of that vote. Proud to abandon our troops when they're out in the field? I can hear Harry Truman cussing from his grave(...)

All the speeches we heard this week weren't able to hide the truth of what today's Democratic Party has become: an enclave of elites paying lip service to middle-class values. Americans looking for a president who understands their struggles and their dreams should tune in next month, when we celebrate the leadership of George W. Bush.
I am happy to see that I am not the only one that thinks the party has abandoned me and not the other way around. For the other 50 reasons I agree with Mr. Miller, please read the entire article.

Mr. Miller will be retiring this year. This leaves only Joe Lieberman to try to reign in the party. Mr. Lieberman is a decent guy, but he can't do it alone. Frankly, the party is lost for at least the next four years. After that, we will have to see if it get's completely taken over by the morons or if it can bring itself back to the basics.


~Jen~ said...

Zell is the epitome of a gentleman. I agree. He's the only democrat I could vote for. I might add Lieberman in there if he had not swerved off the road and joined up with Bore for a minute.

Kat said...

Iwas over at "this we'll defend" and he was pretty much lambasting Miller as a turncoat. Which, I suppose he is, but it's hard to be a turncoat when your party abandons you and not the other way around.

More like a fish looking for another pond to swim in.

onein said...

Hey Kat. Hope your having a nice day.

Nice post.

Rtfm said...

Yes, Great post.

Kat said...

Thanks onein and RTFM...glad you enjoyed it. As we say out my way...Ya'll come back now, ya hear?!