Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Road of a Nation

The Road of a Nation is an Iraqi blog that I like to visit. Sarmad, who runs the blog, is an architect in Iraq. He is currently working on helping design and build military bases for the ICDC. He routinely takes pictures of things happening in Iraq and shows them on his blog. This time is no different. A funny thing missing from his pictures compared to the media...there are no dead bodies and no gratuitous blood shed. Just wholesome pictures of daily life in a new construcive period.

This is a must see.

Also, he takes Michael Moore to task for trying to imply that Iraq was full of happy people with a benevolent dictator who meant no harm to anyone, least of all the Americans and the Iraqis who lived under him.

Dear Mr. Moor you lived the propaganda of “Saddam” and his fiat believes, we lived the realty of Saddam, we was dealing with him every minute every day ,weak[awake] sleep ,he was just every where ,you didn’t live through all this ,you don’t believe me if I told you that people with all the pain they got from Saddam cant tell know believe that, he is goon[gone] ,they cant speak, they are afraid that he will come back ,they learn to[be] beat[en] ,and humiliated, and never speak ,Saddam will be more than happy if he could attack America ,if he cot[got] the ability to do so ,I wish you was here in Iraq ,when you speak to your president and say to him sham [shame]on you ,I wish you could say that to Saddam ,and see how he will respond to you, any way if you are so worried about "Saddam " he is now in the hand of Iraqi justices you can afford him a lower[lawyer] ,and I assure you, that saddam will be well traded, and he will be given all his rights , and that he never did to any Iraqi he killed and executed .

Frankly...after Sarmad's impassioned post on the subject, there is really nothing else to say about Michael Moore's film.

Sarmad also has a forum which hosts Iraqis and others in discussion about life in Iraq. One of the new people in the forum was an Iraqi recently returned from exile in Iran, where he was "safer" than Iraq (his family was wanted by Saddam), but he was not exactly on the "A" list in Iran either.

I highly recommend this site as an excellent way to educate ourselves about the reality of Iraq. Please checkout Sarmad's photos so you can see that something other than daily bombings occur in the new, free Republic of Iraq.

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