Friday, July 02, 2004

Who Would You Choose: Spiderman or Kerry?

Here's a thought, I am such a stickler for data you know, let's figure out how many people actually went to see M&M's film in the first weekend and what impact it would have of the election:

Avg Ticket price = 6.50
(after you avg in matinee and twilight show prices)

20 mil divided by 6.5 =3076923.0769230769230769230769231

people saw his movie

Population of the united States

This mean only 1% of the US population saw his film on it's opening night. With the average decrease of movie popularity and gross revenue, by the end of a 6 week span (normal movie runs) appx 4.3% of the US population will have seen his movie.

or 12626218.527 people

Take in account that roughly 1/4 of those that saw the picture were not of age to vote

9469663.5 are able to vote

take in account that the average voter turn out is appx 54% of registered voters (less among the disenfranchised that saw this movie, but we will stick to known numbers)


Take in account that appx 10% of those that saw it were republicans looking to see what the hell he was going on about, avg # of voters who were probably already inclined to vote for Kerry =


Is that enough to get one electoral vote in Florida?

If we compared that to Spiderman showing and did the same calculation (with a slightly higher percentage of underage, non-voting citizens as viewers) we might also be able to imply that Spiderman (or Toby McGuire) will be elected as president.

We report: You Decide!

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