Thursday, July 15, 2004

Calling All Cars! Calling All Cars! Emergency! Flatulant Fat Fleabag Needs A Rabies Shot!

This Boy Needs An Ass Kicking!

This post has been deleted by me. At first, I was so angry, that I wanted to fly to Canada and rip this guy a new asshole. However, as some saner people have pointed out, I am probably feeding his sick little fantasies by directing people to look at his site. Since I will not be party to spreading idiocy around the world, the connections have been deleted.

Believe me, if I was not a law abiding citizen, I would have advocated someone hacking his site and bringing it down. however, I am basically law abiding (with exception to the time I accidently ran a red light), so I am not doing so now.

Just goes to show, that even the most level headed of us can be driven to extremes.

I apologize to all those that may have read this previous post and thought I lost my mind. I did. But even we calm and rational types (LOL) can become agitated.



Tom said...

ah the hazards of blogging!

Not to worry, as "posting in haste" is something I've certainly been guilty of doing too.

Fayrouz said...

Have you received one of these e-mails too? The one saying our troops don't deserve our respect, which was sent by a fat looking Canadian guy?

I received his e-mail last week. It boiled my blood at the time.

Just ignore him.

bash said...

Hi, Kat. Been reading you for a while over at ITM and you're one tough hombre. Glad you're on our side and happy to discover you've got a blog of your own. I plan on becoming a regular here but there's so many great conservative blogs now (the level of intelligence and integrity vastly surpasses that of the lefty blogs I occassionally visit). btw, I think your headline needs to say *rabies* and not *rabbis* (which would be a group of Jewish holymen) but it's strangely appropriate the way you wrote it. Cheers!

-Jeff aka JC at ITM

Faisal ... said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Faisal ... said...

Hi Kat

By arguing with him you please him. If you ignore someone you hurt him like hell. Ignoring someone on the net means (to me) that he is completely inexistent. So, just ignore him.

Thanks for the paragraphs. You are really making it very interesting indeed.

Kat said...

Faisel...and all, I was quickly reminded of the fact that ignoring somebody is the the "killer" insult. So, I am glad that a few folks had talked some sense into me, although, I was very tempted to take some action. Higher thoughts prevailed. are welcome on the story board. Can't wait to see the next paragraphs from you. I think I will send some info on to some other associates of mine and get them to post, too.

Kat said...

Jeff...thanks for pointing that out about "rabies" vs. "rabbis". You know, somehow the spell checker didn't catch that, either. LOL

Hope you will come back and enjoy.

Kat said...

Tom...thank the lord for "edit post"!