Monday, February 14, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood v. Al Qaeda and an Interview With MB Leader

An extremely interesting report contrasting the Brotherhood and Al Qaeda including outlining on the Brotherhood and Al Qaeda's break, Hamas in the Gaza v. Islamist offshoots of Al Qaeda.

Pointing this out is not in the interest of showing either of these groups as "secular" or not dangerous to the United States, Israel and the region. It is rather to put some light on divisions that should be and could be exploited. Particularly in the light of the new reality in Egypt. If our primary goal is the elimination of Al Qaeda and the diminishing of extremist ideology.

See my previous post on "The One Good Thing About the Muslim Brotherhood"

An important aspect to remember is that, in Egypt, when the Brotherhood gets a piece of the pie, they will have several counters (though, it seems the Brotherhood is lying low per some insiders). One, the Egyptian army who has lots of interests they won't easily surrender to Islamic rule. Two, they will have share power with numerous "leftist" parties who are largely socialist and have a big chunk of support through labor unions. Three, when they own a piece of the pie (as they have been working towards) they will have something to lose.

Another interesting video interview with the head of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He side steps lots of questions about establishing an Islamic state in Egypt. Says they are for a civil society and democracy. That is what the people of Egypt want. But, if a majority of people want Sharia as a basis of law by a majority, then it must abide by it. They say that they will not forsake their faith. Said they did not use their banners to lead the revolution because they were not the only ones, but they were part of it (and they were, stand by).

Do not seek a post or job in the government. Backing El Baradei. Will work with anyone of anyone religion or any political party who has the main value "freedom". Says no one with any "responsibility" has said that the treaty with Israel should be abrogated. Then goes on to harangue Israel and their aggressions. The solution should be "justice". UN should implement UN resolution.

Anchor points out that the MB candidates only had ten percent votes. He said that the elections were rigged. He expects that if they get a chance to run in free elections they would get 30% to 38% of votes (actually, this is pretty close to my estimation coming soon on political make up). However, he supports free practice of religion. On the other hand, his prediction of getting over 30% of the vote kind of contradicts the whole "we don't seek post or job in new government".

The revolution was all people. Women with veils, women without veils, etc. Revolution of the people (sort of suggesting that they understand they do not represent a majority; goes along with comments by anchor about losing membership and splintering of party that he denies).

Other thoughts coming on the possible political make up of the New Egypt.

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