Monday, February 14, 2011

Iran Protests: 25Bahman/Feb14

Can't stay up to blog this so pointing to most reasonably honest blog reporting and various tweet patterns.

UPdate 5:30 pm...twitter back. not sure what happened. reports are very sketchy.

First picture up at Tehran bureau for pbs. Actually looks like a decent crowd marching, but they are silent. No chanting or signs. Probably don't want to give any provocation until in a larger group or may be simply "silent protest". Reports too thin from the ground. Looks like rally is spread out all over the place. Either unable to coalesce due to security forces blocking roads and transportation or because that was the plan.

Update appx 5pm Iran

Something happened to twitter. no pages loading. PBS page still up.

Last reports to not look good for Iran protests. From what I can see, sans good pictures and the way the videos are being shot, Ghonim's "psychology of fear" is at play. People fear the regime. Probably because they are able to mobilize 300 police for every 100 protesters. Lots of reports of tear gas and police beatings begin (as I said, let the head bashing begin).

PBS.ORG Tehran Bureau Live blog (Check this, they are taking twitter reports as well, video is extremely disappointing, very low turn out or not taken at the most interesting places, probably because sending it out internet is impossible at this time)

In short: Tehran University and surrounding shops closed. Riot police are everywhere (don't believe the regime is going to be caught off guard, plus the protesters posted their routes on twitter; not sure they have planned like Egyptians to publish some routes and hold others secret).

"thousands" march, but no confirmed images as yet. All coming from different directions. At least one line of the protest has been dispersed. Leader of opposition and wife have been detained at their house by security forces, unable to leave.

Allegedly, the police were told not to interfere, but stationed in front of stores and gas stations. Only to become "violent" if protesters become violent. Expect somebody to interpret something as violent and head bashing to begin. Basij and Republican Guard staying in background, stationed in parking lots and alleys. One group reports that motorcycle riding "black turtlenecks" (probably reference to Basij who use bikes as their tool and dress in black) going to one of the squares. Stand by for head bashing to commence.

While several organizations have print reports, do not see it on front page of yahoo. Tracking.

Reports of police using tear gas, metro buses and subways are closed to prevent people from reaching areas. Internet, SMS and phone service cut.


Anonymous said...

Protesters Marched Toward Tehran!

Louise said...

Here's a blog you should follow to keep up on Iran:

He's an ex-pat Iranian living in Britain.

And a Canadian:

BTW, I just recently stumbled upon your blog again. You might remember me form our Iraq the Model days. I've put you on my blogroll.

Kat-Mo said...


Lovely to see you. I'll come over
and visit your blog. Been trouble on this end. Internet is like 3rd world country last week for some reason. intermittent connection.