Sunday, February 06, 2011

The One Good Thing About the Muslim Brotherhood

I know, it's crazy to even suggest it, but the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has one good thing going for it: Aymen Al-Zawahiri and the Al Qaeda idealogues hate it.

Or, maybe it is more accurate to say that they dislike them intensely and possibly despise them as being sell outs.

How do we know? Well, we'd have to get in the wayback machine and read Al Zawahiri's book, Knights Under the Prophets Banner, written in 2000. In it he devotes an entire chapter to the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood, what he considers their "bargain with the devil" and Al Qaeda's break with that organization. Not the United States as the devil, but with democracy, socialism or any other system that is not purely Islamic in nature.

In Chapter Nine of Knights Under the Prophet's Banner, he alludes to a previous book written entirely on the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood's failures entitled, The Muslim Brotherhood's Bitter Harvest in 60 Years. In the short, it is about the MB's rejection of Global Jihad for the local as opposed to Al Qaeda's world wide war. It is about the MB's decision to pursue political gains through existing systems instead of instituting an Islamic Caliphate through violent struggle, without compromise, with only shariah law as its basis. It is about members of the MB wanting their piece of the pie and forgetting about sacrifice in the name of the Islamic Cause.

Understanding that Zawahiri's actual mentor, Sayyid Qutb, insists that democracy and freedom are anathema to true Islam as it places man and his governance above Allah's. Even if that democracy is dressed in Islam, it is false, halal and down right evil since it "confuses young men" about real Islam and the way of jihad.

He first called this movement and several others out in generic terms in KUPB before getting right down to calling out the Muslim Brotherhood.

to alert the readers to the hidden and open enemies, their wolves and their foxes, so that they can be on their guard against the brigands who wish to rob them."

In Chaper 9 he says that the MB have made mistakes that are tantamount to crimes that must be punished. One of which is to equate Muslims with non-Muslims in "all the material, moral, civilian and political rights of a citizen." They created a new "fiqh" which goes against all accepted Islamic jurisprudence and have refused to fight with "pride and dignity" for their faith, choosing instead to "live in humiliation" under the "new world order". I believe that is a reference to secular democracy or, at least, under the auspices of the Western Infidels and the current Egyptian regime. They have misguided the Muslim youth about the true meaning and duties of jihad.

In short, the MB's position in negotiating with the Mubarek regime and angling for a political position within an apostate system and state may have made them the worst enemies and traitors to the Global Jihad.

One could hope that someone, low down on the State Department's totem pole, so as not to give the MB too much legitimacy, might whisper that reminder in the MB's ear.

Welcome to the party. We suggest you strap on your kevlar and helmet forthwith.

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