Friday, February 18, 2011

Egypt and Democracy: Rose Colored Liberation Glasses

Update at bottom ie Wael Ghonim on Qaradawi...

As I have been trying to say to my liberal Egyptian friends, I think their rose colored liberation glasses are getting in the way of seeing their political reality clearly.

The liberals keep telling the west that it is their fears (with a healthy dose of Mubarek/NDP propaganda) that makes us see the Muslim Brotherhood as a powerful political entity in Egypt. When a massive "celebration march" is led in prayer by Yusuf Qaradawi, the Egyptian liberals better believe that the MB has got plenty of mojo left in them.

Oh...and the Egyptian military is allowing Iranian warships through the Suez Canal.

Um...pardon me, but who is pushing that button?

Yes, I support my liberal friends in Egypt getting freedom and democracy with the full knowledge that the MB is going to be part of this deal, but sometimes I feel like they are so busy patting themselves on the back and cheering on the other region wide revolutions that they are losing sight of their own situation. I don't mean that the military is still in control, I mean who is positioning themselves for leadership in the New Egypt.

I hope that I am wrong, but acting like the problem doesn't exist is the worse than having a healthy dose of worry. It is seriously close to acting like that hairy growth on your chin is just a beauty mark.

And Wael Ghonim tweeted about 1:10pm CST 9pm Egypt

I loved Sheikh Qaradawi Khutbah today. Was truly inspired when he said: Today I'm going to address both Muslims and Christians. Respect!

This is what Wael Ghonim got out of Qaradawi's presence in Tahrir square and his speech. I can't decide who they are trying to propagandize: us or themselves. They are just so excited about "Egyptian Unity" that they forget that not everyone has the same idea about what "freedom" means.

I keep seeing these posts about the Muslim Brotherhood said they are not going to (insert your worst fears here - last report says they are not going to pressure govt to change stance towards Israeli treaty while at the same time they are letting Iranian warships through the Suez to go to Syria. Hellllooooo?)., they aren't because the MB already said they aren't going to establish themselves as a political party known as the MB. They are going to create a separate political entity without religion as its main charter, but whose candidates are going to work towards MB agenda none the less. Those candidates will simply explain they are doing as their constituents want, not the MB.

Oh...and too my liberal Egyptian friends who keep saying the MB is not a major political force, please read your own news papers, allegedly all free now from government control:

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's best-organized political force,

What was that? The sound of crickets from the Liberal Egyptian blogosphere.

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