Saturday, February 19, 2011

Libya Revolution: Not Peaceful At All

Just catching AJ in English on the Libyan situation. Seems that the peaceful protesters have decided that it is time to meet force with force. They overtook a security site that was being used to shoot at them (possibly killing a dozen or more from that position). They are saying they are going to kill the soldiers they captured.

And, just reported, the military base that the revolutionaries overtook when it "surrendered"...the revolutionaries are threatening to kill 150 soldiers if the government does not accede to their demands.

Of course, as Blackfive posted, peaceful revolutions are only really possible when the ruling opponent is constrained against violence due to their own morality or that fousted on them from outside forces. Libya has neither. Gadaffi's forces and various opponents of the revolt have been shooting, beating and blowing up whoever they can reach. It was just a matter of time before it went from a "peaceful" revolution to all out civil war.

Stand by.

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