Saturday, February 26, 2011

Egypt and Democracy: al Gheit on Witch Hunts, Iran and Foreign Aid

An interview with Al Gheit, current Foreign Minister for Egypt.

It is subtitled, but extremely interesting in his views about Egypt, Iran, Israel (the treaty), future of US relations, Egypt's need for economic improvement, etc.

Once you get passed the first five minutes of him strenuously objecting over a question apparently asked by the interviewer about Foreign Ministry cables saying the revolution would not spread, burning important foreign ministry documents and some rumor that the Foreign Ministry ordered the army to fire on protesters (he says they do not have the power and it is ridiculous on its face, etc). Some of his objections sound like a man who is a) scared he's next in line for the "witch hunt" and b) hopes like hell he will be able to participate in the next government.

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