Friday, October 07, 2005

Propaganda Wars: The BBC Plays Jihadist Propaganda

Over at Sir Humphrey's, he's keeping his eye on the news. Earlier this week he posted on photos from Reuters and the AP which were from the same photogropher, Bilal Hussein, who was also the alleged "stringer" that reported alleged American atrocities against unarmed citizens in Fallujah. Bilal is still doing work for the AP and taking a page out of the Palestinian had book, snapping posed photos of "insurgents" allegedly holding a street in Ramadi. The BBC also has film of this same posing crew, in the exact same alley, wearing the exact same clothes from the staged photos. (hat top: Mudville

There are a lot of reasons to say that the photos are "staged". The people themselves are standing in what can only be referred to as "posed" positions. They are apparently in a back alley with no citizens or American forces around. The one with the RPG is aiming somewhere down the road at nothing. There are no bullet holes and no sense of urgency in the men's stances. As a matter of fact, one in the background appears to be casually standing behind the men, uncovered, looking at the photo shoot while the other men pose.

Sir Humphrey has a comparison of the photos and the BBC video.

Tell me we don't have a GPS locator in this guy's video camera? Wire tapped his house?

And, the AP, Rueters and BBC, as we already know, are not particularly discriminating when it comes to portraying the "truth".

Maybe I should send them pictures of my brothers, cousins and me playing paintball in the woods near by and tell them that we've taken over the Kansas City area. Our demands are simple, give us all the donuts in Kansas City or we paint the place.

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