Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cpl Liberty - Fighting For Your Liberty

This is from Blackfive: Someone You Should Know.

Cpl Liberty was one of the Marines wounded in the giant IED that caused the most military women to be injured or killed, probably in American military history, in Fallujah.

Trying to recover from the concussion and the ringing in her ears, she looked over and saw the Seabee she had spoken too just seconds before the blast.

“She was lying next to me, unconscious,” Liberty added. “I tried to pull her away from ground zero, but there was a firefight happening at the same time, so a few guys pulled me off and threw me against the wall. I wanted to go back for her, but the way the truck was positioned, it rolled over on top of her before I could.”

I suggest the you read the whole thing and know this person. This is the caliber of our forces and why we will win the war. Something that Michael Yon says in his latest report on Mosul.

Guerilla warfare comes down to intelligence, quality of leadership and quality of the foot soldiers. Lastly, it comes down to staying power. We have the "insurgents" beat on the first three, it is only a matter of the last issue, "staying power".

On a less serious note, tell me who'd you rather fight for; this chic:

or this chic:


Even injured, I think Cpl Liberty (what a name), has got the protester "anti-war", social liberation chics beat all to hell.

You know, I hate to say this since I'm a woman, but if the military wanted more men to sign up, they should seek out these women (without the neck brace; or, hell, even the neck brace, shame some of these guys into getting off their asses) and make sure that they are on recruiting posters and TV commercials.


FbL said...

Good idea, Kat!

John A said...


Maybe titled "she qualifies - find out if you can" or some such.

I'm sure Risawn has a pic of herself with a borrowed .50-cal at Knowledge is Power which might work - and could come up with a good lede, too.

Gadfly said...

That's a chick with some balls. I wish Kim du Toit was still around. We could gather funds for an engraved pistol for her like we did for Kurilla.

Hmmm... I think I'll bring this up over at the Nation of Riflemen forum. If you don't mind, I'll link to your post.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of "anti-war" is not to beat people, do you not understand you warmonger?