Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nudity Ban Fails to Win Approval

I bet this is something you never thought you'd hear from the heart land. Apparently, a nudist organization has been putting on plays at the, of all places, Hussey Play House in Topeka and some people are uncomfortable with the lack of clothing. However, bizarrely, the Topeka council members wouldn't even second a vote for a ban on nudity in the council meeting.

Maybe they were too shocked that it existed?

Or they were worried that their participation in the naked plays would be made public?

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This is why the terrorist hate us. They hate our freedoms. The freedom to be naked in Topeka, Kansas. Not that I'm sure why anyone in Topeka would want to be naked or why they would want to be naked in Topeka. Maybe it's that scary picture of John Brown in the Capitol building? Who knows? Maybe that picture just screams "get naked" to some people?


riceburner147 said...

I am a fan of John Brown. TO me, he is a hero of gigantic proportions. Including his actions in Kansas. That man had some bronze .........

Donal said...

I dont see how its bizzare that they wouldnt second this motion- these people were not walking around downtown Topeka naked but were naked in a venue that people paid to enter. Plus the ban wouldnt have affected the plays because they were held outside of the city limits on private property.