Friday, October 14, 2005

Busy Saturday

I'm going to be busy Saturday so I cannot live blog the Iraq constitution referendum. Thus, I am going to point you to Iraq The Model. Keep checking the next few days for updates on the situation. Since I'm not sure that the cable shows will be doing coverage like the January election, I'll put my money on this site that they have the news first.

Don't forget the list of Iraqi websites on the side bar of ITM.

With that, since I will not write until Sunday, I will leave you a few words from ITM:

am so excited but a flashback from Saddam’s referendum three years ago still hurts; he wanted a 100% as the 99.96% of the previous one shocked the dictator. I was depressed that way and I decided not to go to the voting office and so did the rest of the family but my father was afraid that not going could be dangerous.

He said that maybe one member of the family could go alone and cast votes for the rest of us. We looked at each other thinking who’s going to volunteer to do this ugly job to protect the family. At that moment my father said “it was my generation that caused the misery we’re living in so I’m the one who should do this”.
I couldn’t stop him and I couldn’t utter a word but I felt sad for him; his sacrifice was big and I had teary eyes when I watched him taking our papers and heading out.

It is different this time father, no more 100% and a ‘no’ would make me happy just like a ’yes’ would do and no one ever will force us to do something against our will anymore.

Tomorrow will be another day for Iraqi bravery. May God protect you my people…you have suffered so much and you will still be suffering for some time but I am sure the future will be bright.

God bless you my people and all the freedom lovers who keep sacrificing to make this world a better place.

Good Luck, brothers and sisters. It is different this time.

There's a fire in the minds of men.

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