Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pork Plant Explodes

Much ululating could be heard across the metro.

Just kidding.

In another non-story a news wrap with the president is rehearsed.

Or "staged" if you're al Rueters, AP or any other moronic news organization that supposedly has never submitted their questions prior an interview, went over the interview prior to taping or did anything else that might remotely resemble such an occassion.

I'm shocked (not).

Of course, I think that we'd all be better served if they taped the morning show and just edited out Katie Couric's moronic statements or had a coach work with her to insure that she didn't say it in the first place, but alas, we're stuck with her idiocy.

You know you can always tell when the news is running low on things to report. Apparently, not enough people died in Iraq today and Al Qaida, all claims to the contrary, have limited their head cutting to audio versions only.

I was trying to decide if I would laugh or yawn when I saw this headline.

And the organization doing the accusation? Operation Truth which I know that a blogger has joined that organization (wish I could remember who it was, but he shut down his blog and said that was who he was writing for). I'm not sure I have anything kind to say about them because most of the writers sounded like they were whiners and whiners don't make it well in the military. But, who am I...just some soldier's sister. I wouldn't know anything about that. ;)

Anyway, I read what was "staged" and taht was just about the most ridiculous freaking accusation I've ever heard in light of the "rehearsel". The DOD picked some soldiers to give answers on their area of expertise and the coordinator was confirming who would get the microphone if or when the question came up. OOOhhh...that is like...I don't know...common sense?

Anyway, that's the ho-hum of the day. The pork plant story was more interesting since, sadly, a local man died in the incident. Much more interesting.

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Tom said...

Apparently the press has already forgotten about Bill Clinton.

Remeber his walk by the English Channel during one of the D-Day rememberances in Normandy? The film crew caught him walking along, looking contemplative. He looked down, saw some stones, bent down and formed them into a cross. All with the properly solemn look on his face, of course. It turned out that the stones had been placed there especially for him.

And do these fools in the press think that FDR didn't stage the press conferences in which he introduced soldiers? FDR was the master at handling the press. You don't win four terms by accident.

But it just goes to show the extent of Bush-hatred, doesn't it?