Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Soldiers in Iraq: Message to Jihad Jane

Check out ROFA Six for a message to Jihad Jane from the soldiers of Iraq.

Frankly, I have not posted anything on the subject because I realize it is a publicity stunt for her crappy book. She's a has been that never was compared to her dad and she ain't never lived it down. And just like the other jackasses that have tried to live their Vietnam past again (Kerry) and thought people had forgotten or forgiven or just wouldn't care, she's going to go in the same direction. A brief glimpse on our horizon and then *poof* a puff of smoke disappearing into the past. Not even a foot note in today's story.

That's about all the space I intend to devote to Jihad Jane on this website. Expect to see her roundly ignored from here on out as the nothing she is.

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NOTR said...

For years on military posts Hanoi Jane stickers were placed in urinals. Hard to ignore the traitor when she is positioned suchly :)! But, I understand the sentiments. I think the guys in Iraq summed it up nicely for Jane, "Never forget, never forgive."

And thanks for the hat tip!