Thursday, August 04, 2005

And In Other News...

Reading at Winds of Change links to an email at Donald Sensing's regarding what one Marine Major sees as the "insurgents".

The same Major left a comment there after that I thought was even more interesting than his original email:

An update on the media paragraph (the letter was written last Christmas eve). 2 months later, as forces were freed from Fallujah, we were finally given the combat power to enter Haditha and Hit. Finally, “sexy” operations warranted media prescence. First came a single reproter from the Christian Science Monitor. Nice guy. Quiet; blended in; a thankfully low-maintenance. Even asked me to take his USB and post his copy to editors back home. Then came a CNN team: a reporter (female), her producer (female), and their cameraman (male). They took up “boat space” in the vehicles, and my attention back at the base. Most significantly, I walked up behind the women—who were generally unobjectionable—talking to a small group of Marines. As I approached, I heard them expounding to the Marines that “Zarqawi was merely a myth, pushed by the Bush White House to prolong and justify the occupation.” Couldn’t believe my ears. Jaw dropped at such unprofessionalism. Thankfully, the Texas Marines didn’t respond with anything beyond quizical looks akin to the RCA dog.

Now you know why I never, ever watch CNN. Okay, except the one time they did the nice piece on the military medical unit.

Otherwise, nada.


Montieth said...

Anyone have a name for these CNN reporters? I'll send them an e-mail or perhaps ask them "WTF?" if I happen to see them in the hall.

Kat said...

Monteith...go do Donald Sensing's and get his email. He personally knows this Marine and he might remember their names.