Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where In the World...

If you're wondering where I am and why I haven't written anything brilliant and scintilating for two days, I'm busy working on Project Valour IT. Something you should be doing, too.

That's right, you can help by donating, posting information on your blog or journal or simply spreading the word to other bloggers, friends, family, radio and newspapers or other entities (like your employer, church group, American Legion, VFW, hint, hint).

Project Valour IT has already received the first 10 laptops, software and accessories. Another 10 are on their way. We've still got a long way to go to even get the first 25 out to each of six facilities, but we're working hard to get this project off the ground.

Maybe you're tired of me asking for your help. You didn't come to this blog to get hit up for donations constantly. You came for erudite commentary.

Well, too bad. Somewhere out there, right now, there is a soldier who's tired, too. He or she can't use their hands or arms, they're in pain and they can't connect to the world wide web and read this blog or contact loved ones and friends who can't be at their side immediately or during part of their recuperation and rehabilitation.

They need our help. So...what are you gonna do? Sit there and complain about the lack of content? Or, are you gonna get up off your easy chair and press this button...

It's not just money either, though that is a primary need. We need publicity. We need sponsors. We need people willing to volunteer. You have a few minutes during the day to call radio or television stations to let them know about this project. Maybe you know somebody in the local community that would be willing to help out.

We need a few good men and women. Why don't you join us and give meaning to your otherwise boring life?

I didn't tell you enough? Go here to find out more.

Are you ready to volunteer? Drop me an email at and tell me what you think you can do for us. I'll pass you on to the supreme leader, Beth at fuzzilicious.

Now, what are you waiting for? Permission?

Get a move on!



Gadfly said...

Kat: You might think about pitching this to Kim du Toit. He set up a project about five days ago to raise $1,500 for a hand-engraved Kimber model 1911 pistol for wounded hero Eric Kurilla. His wife posted "STOP" after the total sailed through $1900, and the snail mail donations haven't even come in yet.

I was proud to donate to that, and I'll review your project as well.

Does anybody know of a good British hero that needs some recognition? Some donations to Kurilla's fund came from England and I'd like to return the favor at some point.

Kat said...

Gadfly...soldier's angels has links to sites for other country military charity organizations.

I was thinking about that this morning when I was looking at wounded stats for my next post and saw that the British have had a number of wounded.

Plus, some Brits and Aussies have donated to our cause. So, I think it would be interesting to help out a charity for them. I'll check over at Harry's place (left wing pro-war guy, likes Tony Blair. super nice) and see what he knows.

Kat said...

PS...thanks for the thought about Kim. I had approached Misha about it, but got no response. Probably got booted as a spam email. I had a number of bloggers listed.