Sunday, August 14, 2005

The More Things Change...

It's 6:25 AM and I just realized some TV Evangelist was on my TV. Not because I want him to be, but because last night, I left the TV on a local channel watching the news and woke up to find this gentleman on TV.

His message was great. Your life might change, the people around you might change, your spouse might have a bad day and that boss that used to love you now thinks you're a waste of office space, but God is unchanging.

However, he scared the bee-geebus out of me when I woke to him doing a bad impersonation of James Brown at the pulpit.

He was screaming, "And...G-A-A-A-W-D is always TH-E-R-E!!!!" with a deep scratchy voice that sounds like he's possessed and should be exorcised immediately.

That or he needs to give the sound effects guys back the recording of Linda Blair throwing up before the "Exorcist" folks sue him for copyright infringement. He did look like he was in pain and might throw up any minute, bent over, gripping the microphone tightly and pointing his finger at the congregation.

I'm not really into that tent revival theatrics. Although, I have a distinct feeling that no one in his audience was asleep.

Now an infomercial for a miracle cure is on.

Non-religious related. Purely snake oil salesmen.

I guess we really haven't changed. Evangelical tent revivals and snake oil salesmen. The only difference is that they don't have to travel in gypsy wagons painted in bold colors anymore.

It's mass marketing to the towns' folk.

The only sad part is, we don't get to run them out of town on a rail anymore.

But I do have the power to shut them up.


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Tom said...

Yeah, I can't take that stuff either. Well, actually I find it kind of entertaining, but you can only take it for a little while.

Preachers shouldn't sound like preachers, if that makes any sense. They should sound like they're carrying on a conversation with you. ie, speaking normally.

I like my religion a bit more cerebral.

Also, it's all about a personal relationship with God, not a lot of hollering and carrying on.