Thursday, February 24, 2005

Let My People Go!

Bloggers For Freedom Jailed In Iran

No, I am not Iranian, but I am a member of the Legendary Army of Pajama Clad Bloggers for Freedom. I've been keeping track of a story about bloggers from Iran who were arrested for allegedly speaking out against the Islamic Republic of Iran where apparently, Res Publica, or "for the good of the public", means for the good of keeping the state intact and capable of oppressing its people because only the state knows what's good for the people. According to them, anyone that says that their government sucks is not good for anyone to read even though it is very likely that, if it's being written, everyone knows it already.

Of course, according to this nasty regime, talking about Brittney Spears, clothes that don't cover you from head to wrist to foot, books not on their approved list of reading, music not on their approved list, relationships, stupid people, other countries, etc, etc, etc, is all dangerous to the state.

Of course, if you are reading this, you already know that any state or culture that has to protect itself from any such discussions is already a failed state and culture. It is already the beginning of the end and these buttheads just don't know it yet.

In Iran today, at least 20 known bloggers have been arrested. Many have been jailed and some have been tortured. Who knows if 20 is the final number?

Even if it is just one it is one too many.

The Iranian regime has declared war on the Free Nation of Bloggers. They have banned sites and access by internet providers. They have declared free speech and free flow of information illegal, the two most important rights of Free Bloggers everywhere. The blogging revolution is well underway and by sheer numbers they cannot stop the march to freedom.

I missed "Free Mojtaba and Arash" day, but it should be every day until they are released.

Stay updated on the situation by going to The committee to protect bloggers.

Honestly, I looked at some of the people they were quoting. One of which is "Juan Cole" who, in general, I don't agree with his "expert" opinions on the ME. However, when fighting the enemy, sometimes you have to take on some allies you normally woiuld not give the time of day to. In this case, the case of jailed Iranian bloggers, I'll even shake hands with the devil if it means freedom of speech is protected.

Go over to the site here and read about what we can do to make a difference and spread the word.

Did you know that China has blocked access to many blog services and specific sites? I know a Chinese student that used to post at the ITM brothers who was able to email an acquaintaince and tell us that their internet service blocked all "Iraq" related blogs. I guess they only want the official word to be the word on Iraq.

Freedom of information, the freedom to speak, even to say something that is unpopular or even downright stupid, should always be protected.

It's the one thing I think I agree on with my friends to the left of me, some place we can find common ground.

If you are reading this, know that millions still cannot. Not because of lack of internet connection, but because they are not allowed to by their government.

Message to tyrants everywhere:

You cannot control the flow of information, it is more powerful than you.

You cannot control the blog, it is more powerful than you.

Let Freedom Reign!

Let my people go!

LCpl Kat-Middle Ground
Freedom Division
Legendary Army of Pajama Clad Bloggers


Tom said...

It's interesting, Orwell thought that technology would work in favor of the totalitarian state, but things seem to have turned out just the opposite.

While technology does give the government a greater ability to monitor citizens, it gives the citizens an even greater ability to get around that monitoring.

I recall this occuring during the coup against Gorbachev. Those who were against the coup were able to communicate effectively using fax machines. The coup plotters were out maneuvered.

Same, of course, with the Internet. Sure, China and many other countries put up blocks. But in the end I think they're playing a loosing game.

Kender said...

How do I join your army?

We are the Blorg. Resistance to the Truth is Futile.

Kat said... have a blog. You're a member of the army you just haven't declared yourself.

Peter said...

A laudable initiative. Thanks, Kat for writing about this. I've put the logos on my blog and hope emany others do the same.