Monday, February 14, 2005

Catch Me Multi-Blogging

I was recently invited by a group of co-bloggers to join their blog Warm And Fuzzie Conserva-Puppies where they post subjects of interest on conservative policy. Prior to my recent posting, the last topic of conversation was about whether racial profiling was effective and should it be used as a tool in the arsenal of national security, particularly in the case of air port security.

Mark, one of the co-bloggers, suggested that I write my first post as an introduction and maybe a brief (ahem...obviously, they don't know me very well) comment on how my politics had changed. How did I come to the dark red side of conservatism.

I did that and a little more. Read my introduction to my political manifesto:

I Am Not A Conservative, I Am A Radical Change Agent.

My friend was actually shocked. I think I have that effect on a number of people. I am a radical. I am the kind of radical that scares the hell out of ultra-liberals and ultra-conservatives. Mostly because I see both of these intenties as protectionist and not change agents. (...)

I didn't come to this party to be a conservative. I came to this party because I saw radical change agents like me and that is where I belong.


Peter said...

As usual, an extremely good piece of writing, this time for the Conserva-Puppies, Kat. You write with both contained passion and intellectual lucidity.

Tom said...

When haloscan decides to come back on-line I'll post comments at Conserva-Puppies. Until then...

Welcome to the team, Kat!

Kathy K said...

I knew there was some reason I enjoyed reading you.

Kathy K said...

Make that 'enjoy'. Present tense.

The Sandmonkey said...

I like it. I am however curious about something: why don't they allow comment posting on that blog?

Just wondering!