Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spirit of America: ER Episode

Heads up from Spirit of America. ER episode aired Thursday Feb 24th and the second part will air on March 3rd at 10 pm ESt.

This month "ER" will be featuring a two-part episode called "Here and There". The episodes are scheduled to air on February 24th and March 3rd at 10pm EST on NBC. Support the spirit of the noble Iraqi Citizens, Coalition Forces, and the Civil Affairs community and make it a point to watch these episodes.

The Chicago based hospital drama features a character, Dr Michael Gallant, who is a US Army Reserve doctor. The script will feature his medical unit coming to the aid of a little girl who has been burned by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

“Here and There” episodes were based on the real life story of Tariq, a baby boy with Spina Bifida, who was helped by a US Army Reservist doctor from Denver, Colorado.

And this article, via Spirit of America: You Can Do Magic

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roland said...

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stephen said...

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