Monday, February 28, 2005

Beer Helps the Crow Go Down

Is it me or are we living in very interesting times?

Who was that idiot that wrote "the end of history" after the fall of the USSR? Dude, it wasn't even the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.

I keep thinking of all of those people, those hand wringers, telling us that the Bush Doctrine, the domino effect on freedom, wouldn't work and we were just wasting our blood and treasure in Iraq. What? I can't hear you? Speak up? What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?

No, no, cat, just a strange scene of one democracy after the other being born. Free people demanding their country be given back to them. I hear a strange gurgling sound coming from somewhere on the left. I believe that is the sound of people trying to choke down more crows' feathers.

We in the red states feel your pain and would like to recommend that you switch from that dry white French wine you've been drinking or that Canadian beer and try some good old American beer with that crow. How about a Coors? Miller anyone? Budweiser? Can't go wrong with the king of beers. Even a Pabst has got to be better than the crap you've been drinking.

Personally, my favorite is Lone Star beer. It goes really good with freedom.

Of course, I notice that there is still a few of you shouting "Bush Lied, people died." "100,000 Dead Iraqis" "Depleted Uranium" "Abu Ghraib" "Blood for Oil".

You're lame.

Now, shut the hell up and eat your crow like an adult.


Tom said...

Well you know this democracy thing seems to be catching on.

Do you think if I nominate the US Military for the Nobel Peace Prize they'll get it?

Brian H said...

If you can get your hands on some Unibroue "Maudit", or "Fin du Monde" (that's Quebequois/Belgian French, BTW), try that. It's corked, still brewing in the bottle. Drink at room temp. Get the proper 20 oz/750 ml. size.

Then give the car keys to a friend. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Brian H said...

Oops. Arithmetic error. 24 oz./750 ml.

Kat said...

Sadly tom, I don't think that they do that "peace through war" thing for the nobel prize.

I think we should create our own "peace" award and only give it out when real peace is reached.

Kat said...

Brian...actually, I'm a terrible beer drinker. I can only chug down a bottle or two.

I'm more like a tequila person.

Kender said...

Freedom is a Disease.

I started to post a long comment here and realized it needed to be on my blog.

I havce found myself doing that alot lately.

Other bloggers give me suc great material. Thanks Kat

Anonymous said...

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