Friday, February 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo Update

Today is D-Day again. Today at 5pm, the stay of execution for Terri Schiavo runs out unless the courts take a different decision.

One of the things that I noted from the Blogs For Terri website were the videos of Terri interacting with her family, to music, to direct commands to "open her eyes" and to follow a balloon with her eyes. I also noted that the Judge in this case, who also issued the last stay, refused to see these videos.

Why? He continued to insist on "expert" opinion instead seeing with his own eyes what is clear to the simplest minded person with two eyes: Terri is not in a "persistent vegetative state", but is conscious and able to communicate, even in such a small way, that she is a living, sentient human being.

It is almost as if Judge Greer is re-enacting Pontius Pilat. He wants to turn this over to Terri's "husband", allow him to do as he wishes and Judge Greer can wash his hands of her death.

Judge Greer should remember what history made of Pontius Pilat.

Last, according to Blogs For Terri, news sources are reporting that the Florida Department for Children and Families has asked for 60 days to investigate possible abuse.

Terri's condition is due to a stroke she suffered when she mysteriously "collapsed" in 1990. At the time, the "collapse" was indicated as the result of her "stroke", but new information has come forward that bone scans and x-rays, taken during her original hospitalization indicates fractures in the skull and other areas which some say indicate "traumatic" injury commiserate with abuse. Michael Schiavo has refused in the past to release her medical records for review. The FDCF has finally decided to step in and investigate.

Other testimony has come from a nurse caring for Terri in the past who indicates that Terri has a negative reaction, possibly even fearful, when Michael Schiavo has come to visit.

This information is non-conclusive and the injuries may be found to be consistent with her collapse, but it is appropriate for an investigation to occur. Prior to her collapse, Terri had no known medical conditions that would have contributed to the stroke which put her in this condition.

Still standing for Terri Schiavo.

Where are the people that insist capital punishment death sentences are state murder? Does this woman deserve any less support?


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

If she's conscious and can communicate, just ask her. "Hey, wanna stay like this, or pass on?"

With me a lot would have to do with my prognosis so probably, inform her of what the prognosis is while you're at it.

Kat said...

Dude, unlike most stroke patients, she hasn't had any therapy so speech is limited to grunts and such.
Doesn't mean she's not viable.

I think about stephen hawk (?) quadrapalegic who used an air tube to manuever and use a computer and became the foremost scientist in astro physics.

just cause you can't do somthings doesn't mean you don't have something to offer humanity or make a decent life.

The question is whether it's possible and I don't see any good answers to that, though some are claiming that she has no brain matter attaching to her brain stem. I wonder if that is true or not and if it is, how is she able to interact and respond to stimuli?

Tammi said...

update in about an hour ago...

The judge ruled in favor of her husband. The tube is set to be removed at 1:00pm 3/18.

Didn't know if you had seen yet.

Jamie said...

When I see the videos of Terry it reminds me of children with severe cerebral palsy, who have perfect minds, but who cannot communicate "normally" because they are unable to talk. And whenever I've encountered such a child, I thought about what it must be like to be unable to control my muscles or speak to my family. I was watched a special about a boy who had a disease which caused his bones to grow abnormally. As he grew older, his condition got worse and he was eventually confined to a wheelchair. He had the most perfect face, the face of an angel. But his body was misshapen. The poor kid had endured innumerable surgeries to help him remain mobile. The show was filmed when he was a senior in high school (shortly before he became completely disabled) and it included scenes from his senior prom. It was so very sad. He was bright, articulate and trapped inside a body which would never be normal. At least this young man could communicate. Poor Terry can't, so who knows how much brain function she actually has - she sure can't tell you! I'm hopeful that since the family (the part of her family that truly cares about her well-being) is being allowed to have more tests conducted, that something good will come out of this.

Hey Kat, I heard on the news that they think they have arrested the "BTK Killer" there in K.C. If its true, that's really good news. Another monster off of the streets.

Jamie said...

The judge gave them more 3 weeks. Florida's social services agency (the Department of Children & Families) is trying to obtain a 60-day stay to "investigate allegations that she is being mistreated by being denied appropriate medical care and rehabilitation".

Kat said...

Tammi..I did catch that. It's enough time for FDCF to start an investigation and allow the family to appeal on that point.

the only crappy thing about this is that it is worse than a death row sentence that keeps getting appealed and stayed. Like a bad schindler's list. Up, down, up, down.

I think the judge wants to rule in the husband's favor but really doesn't want to make any decision so he keeps letting it roll on.

Maybe he's hoping to retire before he has to actually make a decision that will kill somebody?

I'm not a "right to life" person per se. I believe people can and should make decisions about their healthcare although I do oppose "assisted suicide", mainly because that is giving up and having someone help you give up and suicide is against the law so is assisting and that's how I want it to stand.

i want suicide to be morally repugnant to society. If it's not, then we will have a rash of suicides, which are already up in our crime rates.

Doesn't have anything to do with "religion" and everything to do with what it does to society and the people left behind.