Friday, February 25, 2005

New Miliblogs To Keep Your Eyes On

Came across some new miliblogs recently and thought I should share. One of them reminds me of CBFTW at "fear and loathing in Iraq".

Check out Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. He has a specific post that I found most interesting: Arkansas Boys which is the Arkansas National Guard his group is replacing and he has posted original songs by this group.

God's Grace
I Am a Patriot

Mortaritaville is as funny as it sounds. It was cracking me up. Check it out and make this guy a daily read.

The other would be major K at strength and honor

Via Mudville Gazette


Kender said...

As you well know, I am a huge fan of music of most genres', and these are great.

Now, How do I link them?

Thanks Kat. You are one of my very favorite bloggers and bring me tons of smiles.

For that you are priceless.

Kender said...

BTW...I had tears from Mortaritaville, from laughter...and from pride because of I am a Patriot.

Kat said...

I was personally digging By God's Grace (I was born an American). I think it's from another song but they did an excellent job.