Friday, February 17, 2006

Iraq Waits

A little update on Iraq's political situation. Which would be good if the concern over Jafari weren't so important. The problem with Jafari is that he was not seen to build concensus and he did not have control over his ministries.

It was like round two of Saddam's cousin lite from 1976. If you don't know the history, the Ba'ath took over, Saddam's cousin was the president and Saddam ran the government from the interior ministry which he used to shut down and kill opponents of the Ba'ath; his cousin had not power and eventually was pushed aside for Saddam to take real power, that is the concern that must face Iraq now with Jafari being a weak front man for the UIA while it operates death squads, payoffs, smuggling and keeps the insurgency going.

But, if you read this, you might understand that Jafari is not a given.

Read them both and get up to date on the Iraq political situation. What happens here decides the future of our Armed Forces, our Success and the Middle East.

Iraq Waits

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