Thursday, February 23, 2006

Christian movement moving in - Yahoo! News

Christian movement moving in - Yahoo! News

Sort of funny because this is the kind of stuff that gets the Liberal left exercised about "Christian Fundamentalists". Yet, at the same time, while this guy claims "1200" people signed up on his website, only 20 have moved to South Carolina in the last year, so it seems that Christians in general are pretty smart to recognize a bad politico/cultist movement when they see it.

Not to mention it's association with the "League of the South" which is clearly a wannabe confederate movement reborn. The only difference may be that they are not intent on maintaining slavery, they just want a chance to fight the "state's rights v. federal rights" war again without slavery giving them a bad name. However, I always find these movements a little humorous anyway.

Kind of like Nader with religion.

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