Monday, February 13, 2006

Islamic Protesters and Counter Protesters Meet

Go here to see a video of what the French Islamic Protests on 2/11 looked like from the ground view.

No Pasaran notes:

"An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth!" Echoing protests around the world and wearing all kinds of costumes from the Middle East and the Muslim world, 4,000 Islamic demonstrators march through Paris denouncing the cartoons and the alleged (and convenient) lack of respect towards Islam.

When they arrive at La Nation, they are met with two figures wearing slightly different costumes and slightly different signs.[snip]

One, in red and white, is (silently) wearing a sign with the Danish flag saying "Support Denmark, Support free speech". Besides (silently) wearing a sign reading "Free Cartoonist" on it, the other, the founder of the BAF protest warrior-type organisation, is holding a (fake) severed hand, a pen among its fingers.

Voices start to ring out. "It's provocation!" "You tread on 1.5 million Muslims!" "Connards!" "Rat faces!"

And that is just for starters. Get the rest here.

H/T Dissident Frongman

No Pasaran continues with photos showing Carrefour, the french version of Walmart, has taken down their Danish goods and put up a sign vowing support for their Muslim citizens. And this nifty cartoon, lampooning Chirac.

A commenter at the Gates of Vienna:

I did not escape Communism to live under Sharia.

Sadly, it seems that we may have defeated Communist Russia and are now faced with an even deadlier group of folks seeking Utopia. When will man give up on Utopia? Or, at least, when will man give up killing for Utopia?

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