Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sorry I Dressed Like A Suicide Bomber

Well, if the egregious protest signs threatening another 9/11 or 7/7 or butchering infidels weren't enough, some joker on parole decided that he would dress up like a suicide bomber.

A demonstrator who imitated a suicide bomber in a Muslim protest over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad has been recalled to prison.
Omar Khayam, 22, of Bedford, is a convicted drug dealer who was jailed in 2002 and released on licence last year after serving half his sentence.

He was arrested and recalled to prison for breaching the terms of his licence.

Khayam apologised for his "insensitive" protest on Monday but said he had been offended by the cartoons. [snip]

The MP for Bedford, Patrick Hall, who was there as Khayam read the apology on Monday, said earlier he was unaware he was out on licence but that he still took the apology at face value.

"He acted on impulse - couple of friends, they got on the train and got to London, and I believe this was a impulsive, foolish reaction to what he saw was the offence of the publication of those cartoons."

Don't look here. Move along now. Just boys being boys.

Mr. Blair, though, takes the moment to remind the population what the problem really is:

Prime Minister Tony Blair said he was pleased that "leading members of the Muslim community have expressed their abhorrence along with everyone else in the country" to placards held during the London protest, some calling for beheadings.

"In my view, there is a real issue about how the sensible, moderate, Muslim leaders go into their community and confront this type of extremism and that's something we discuss with them continually," Mr Blair told a select committee.

In the meantime, free speech for me, but not for thee:

Meanwhile, one man has said he and a second man were arrested during the London demonstration as he attempted to mount a counter-demonstration.

The man, named only as John, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he was arrested as he handed out leaflets with the cartoons printed on them.

The Metropolitan Police said two men were arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace, but no further action was taken.

Probably did it to protect him from being beaten to a bloody pulp by the "peaceful" demonstrators.

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