Friday, February 17, 2006

Iraq Investigates Alleged 'Death Squads' - Yahoo! News

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Shiite-dominated Interior Ministry announced an investigation Thursday into claims of death squads in its ranks as police found a dozen more bodies, bringing the number of apparent victims of sectarian reprisal killings here to at least 30 this week.

The probe was announced after U.S. military officials indicated there was evidence to support the allegation of death squads. The 12 men found on Thursday had been bound and shot in the head execution-style.

Really? Steven Vincent's been dead for months now and people have just decided to investigate? The military is just now thinking that the Iraq security forces have alot of rogue elements?

But, I suppose the reality is, the government is not in control. The locals are in control and they control their own areas. Part of that control includes extra-judicial executions and arrests. They are putting into practice what they learned from the original torturous leader. They haven't learned anything about civilization and the rule of law. They've learned to be mobsters and little Saddams.

These are the days when I lose hope for Iraq.

Iraq Investigates Alleged 'Death Squads' - Yahoo! News

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