Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Case You Think It Is Only Americans...

An interesting referral code showed up Bilious Young Fogey who had an even more interesting link on his blog, just in time to go with the discussion about "gays in the military", "morale", "discipline" and "cohesion of units":

The Naked Truth About Army Life (UK)

Most people who saw a clip of the Royal Marines’ “video nasty” last weekend, with its disturbing footage of two naked men attempting to beat each other into unconsciousness, roared on by an equally naked gang of fellow marines, would doubtless echo Lord Bathurst’s view. It looked like the worst kind of loutish bullying, fuelled by alcohol, with a sinister homo-erotic streak running through it.

I suppose these men only felt comfortable wrestling naked because they were sure when the other guy had them pinned down he wasn't going to stick his grenade launcher in the fox hole?

Just saying.

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