Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Conversations Around the Net

I was busy on Tuesday, with several discussions around the net. Interesting reading if you weren't following:

Uncle Jimbo wrecks Blackfive's joint with a discussion on Gays In the Military

Rick Moran and I disagree about whether someone's Overt Christian Fundamental Beliefs make them a bad pick for a government or administrative position.

Finally, a discussion about Crime and Terrorism reverts back to "legalization of drugs would decrease profits for criminals" and now we know why we don't make any head way in significantly eroding or closing sources of funding for terrorists.

I suppose you could infer that I am one of those funky conservative type people who don't toe the party line, have serious libertarian leanings, but find certain concepts and practices more repugnant than others.

I'll let you figure out which ones. ;)

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