Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terror in Jordan: The Jordanian's Speak

...And it ain't good for the terrorists.

Reega - People kept cheering for al Qaeda until it came and took away your own sons and daughters.

Lulu - Terrorism is so ugly, especially when it rears its head to look you straight in the eye.

Laith - We also need to stick together as people and citizens of Jordan and not forget that the threat is always there and that we need to combat this cancer they call terrorism, and exted our help to those who combat it.

Natasha - May you enjoy the hell that is awaiting you, where, to your dismay, you will be greeted by seven demons instead of your long-awaited virgins! May you rot in hell over and over again along with Zarqawi, Bin Laden, Bin Shit and all those that support you.

Eman - Tomorrow and on Friday, Jodanians are going out in marches against terrorism…

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