Monday, November 14, 2005

Al Qaida, Insurgents Targeting Media

I put the original proposition forward here that the "insurgents" have now decided to attack the Western Media directly. I believe that this is supported by this report from Salam Pax (hat tip Mudville Gazette

That was Kaduri’s. If you are person who likes BIG Iraqi breakfasts then that’s your place. While G and I were working for the NY Times we used to joke that the best way to put western media in Iraq out of action is to attack Kaduri’s. Every morning drivers, interpreters and fixers for many of the media organizations staying at the Palestine or Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad would be there. It was always like this, very busy. Kaduri’s morning shift ends around 11 because he opens very early.

Not that individual media personnel have not been targeted, kidnapped or killed, or that there have been attacks on television and radio stations in Iraq, but this is by far the most direct, organized multiple attacks on the entire infrastructure of media capabilities in Iraq. I believe this represents an orchestrated plan to interdict media reporting from Iraq which has proven so negative for Al Qaida.

Just my two cents.

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