Friday, September 02, 2005

Two New Updates: Military Family Contact Info and Podcasts from the Astrodome

From the Mudville Gazette: Useful public service request - help spread the word.

Contact info for military families displaced by Katrina (also a great collection of news releases on the military efforts in hurricane relief)

Info for Guard families impacted by the storm.

Info for getting deployed Guard members in touch with their families who might be displaced by the storm - and vice versa.

Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette says: I compiled resources here here, but it's more important to get folks to those other pages.

Euphoric Reality has been at the Astrodome for two days acting as a volunteer. She has multiple podcasts throughout the day.

She says lots of supplies and volunteers. They had to turn away supplies until the could get hold of it. Seems like chaoctic organization. FEMA unseen until 4pm this afternoon. The American Red Cross has been working tirelessly. She's trying to help veterans who are elderly and weak. Houston VA hospital taking in veterans from LA veteran hospitals. Hiedi from Euphoric reality is working with the VA to get the veterans at the Astrodome "screened" through the VA computer system so that they can start getting medicines ASAP since many have been without their medicine for days. They are also advocating for the veterans and liaisoning with organizations.

They are getting toiletries and other supplies together.

Twice as many people as yesterday.

National Guard is there with an admin group to take info from families that need to be re-united with active service members.

Go listen to the podcasts, they are excellent sources of information about what is going on including personal stories of the people inside.

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