Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Jack Boot Fascist That Wasn't

The President has been being lambasted for several years now as a jack booted fascist who, along with his henchman, John Ashcroft, has been stealthily trying to steal our rights through such acts as the PATRIOT ACT and using the terrorism threat level to scare people, convince them to go to war and doing any number of other "fascist" type behavior contrary to our constitution, laws and democratic state.

The irony is, those very same people who have been declaring this for the last five years are the same ones that have been lambasting the President for not doing just that in Louisiana: tossing aside the laws and the government of the state, rushing in with federal agencies, officers and troops, and taking over the operation without request or authorization.

Something that is against the law, could result in imprisonment and a fine, would have truly set a new precedent for declaring "federal emergencies" and created a low standard under which the federal government could consolidate its powers over the states and its citizens.

Yes, the irony is mind boggling. The Jack Boot Fascist wasn't a Jack Boot Fascist after all and now they are lambasting him for not acting like a Jack Boot Fascist.


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